New, low-priced EV14-570 injectors

October 19, 2015

The price of the new Bosch EV14-injector is on a whole new level. We were able to purchase these in a big quantity, so we have been able to lower the price to less than 50 euros!


Even with the low price, these are sold in flow-matched sets. The sets have a maximum of two percent differences in flows. With each delivered set, you get a paper strip with flow matched values for static and dynamic flows for that specific set.


Usually injector suppliers measure the dynamic flow with 3 ms pulse width. This results in more sets, but with poorer precision with smaller pulse widths. We flow match dynamic flows with 2.5 ms pulse width, which results in better precision and operation with also idle or smaller loads.


EV14-570 injectors can be found via this link